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The stories of Venice told by the ones that love the city and live there

“Pianississimo” and “sospiroso come il Ponte dei Sospiri” – this is how the Museum of Musical Instruments at the Benedetto Marcello conservatory in Palazzo Pisani, Venice, unveils itself

Do you like music? Do you like to see how it is miraculously produced? The Museum of Musical Instruments of the Venice Conservatory displays a number of musical instruments, nice to look at yet more or less mysterious to the non-expert eye. Observing them, though, might open a glimmer of light and, maybe… pierce through darkness…

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Driving to Saint Mark’s Square?

Today we laugh at the visitors who think you can get to St. Mark’s Square by car or by bus, but this was not such a strange idea for the engineers of the late 19th century who were trying to transform Venice in a “modern” city: let’s have a look at some projects aimed at making the lagoon city suitable for vehicles.

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Celestial harmonies: musical instruments in Venetian paintings currently on display at the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice

Music almost dates back to the time men and women first appeared on Earth, but it is only in Medieval times that paintings started suggesting Heaven was even more beautiful with angel musicians playing music. At the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice, we can see how ancient instruments (for which paintings often provide rare testimonies) were originally only played by angels, followed by brothers during processions and religious festivities and later also by poets or simple musicians.

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