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Our Guides' Blog

The stories of Venice told by the ones that love the city and live there

Hidden treasures in the Frari Church: the stained-glass windows of the Corner Chapel

The Frari Church contains several masterpieces, but also amazing hidden treasures such as twelve glass panels in the Corner Chapel. The upper ones representing different saints were elaborated by an artist whose identity is still unknown; while the lower ones are a unique example of Liberty-style windows in Venice by Giovanni Beltrami.

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The Salute festivity in Venice

On 21st of November Venetians celebrate their most beloved festivity, Santa Maria della Salute. After the dramatic plague in 1630 an extraordinary church was built. Still today the whole city reverts in a very deeply felt pilgrimage to this spectacular dome, crossing the Grand Canal on a pontoon bridge to thank the Virgin Mary for having saved Venice and to pray for anyone to recover health.

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Venice is not sinking!

An unpretentious and concise outline of the complex issue of high tides and frequent floods in the city, commonly known as ‘acqua alta’, and an unbiased and updated resume of all the measures enacted for the safeguard of Venice and its lagoon. Read about how Venice is tackling the problem, and the scope of the whole project including the mobile barriers.

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Interview with Mattia Berto, a young multi-talented Venetian director

This interview is dedicated to those visitors curious to know all about the soul of the lagoon city and of the Venetians who still have a genuine love for it. “Theatre is life and, thanks to Mattia Berto, Venice is alive without a shadow of a doubt! And I, who have always been passionate about theatre, will have the pleasure of taking you around the city with a specially-programmed itinerary.”

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