Susanna Rodighiero

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Venice is a maze and you must get lost. This allows you to observe and to listen and then
be able to find your way back and also your inner self. I would like to take you through a sensory journey that will catch your senses in order to make your visit a full and unforgettable experience.

My background

I am a lover of adventurous journeys and traveling is my life. I have explored Europe by motorcycle (as a passenger, or as my husband says, as a suitcase). Now I am getting ready to sail the seas: our plan is to cross the Mediterrenean and the Oceans hoping to start a new life: half on ground and half at sea.

I have worked in the tourism field since I was at university. In 1995 I graduated in Languages with a specialization in American Literature. After that I got a Masters in International Commerce. In 1986 I started to work as a Tour Manager in Venice and the rest of Italy, mostly with cultural groups. In 2005 I became an official guide of Venice and in 2015 I got a second University degree in History of Art with a specialization in Byzantine and Medieval Art.

I am also collaborating as a consultant in designing and planning cultural itineraries in Venice and the rest of Italy.

My advice

An unmissable itinerary is one that combines light, glass and gold. The monument able to fuse these three elements is St. Mark’s Basilica. To explore its interior, to get close to the Golden Alterpiece, to climb the steps of the matroneum to almost touch its mosaics, is certainly something magical. Important is then to find out how the capable hands of the artisans of the past were able to create the products to render all this possible. Venice still preserves these antique crafts. To enter the small old laboratory of the battiloro, the man that transforms gold into an impalpable leaf using just heavy hammers, will take you back a long way in time. The experience will be complete when you are able to watch how glass and gold can blend together to become pure light, exactly as Venice itself.

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