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The stories of Venice told by the ones that love the city and live there

Votive shrines in Venice

In Venice there are countless votive shrines that embody local religious worship; they express a feeling of piety that originates in the streets and squares and then embraces the whole city. The shrines tell us stories of joy and pain, of labor and hope, and finally they tell us about the daily life of the people that preceded us on these cobblestone alleyways.

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Blacksmith Tenderini: the art of fire

We discover the Arts & Crafts of Venice. Ironworking in Venice was already codified with rules and laws as soon as the 1000s. The ‘Arte dei Favri’ (the Blacksmiths’ Guild) was well rooted in Venice and in the 1700s counted as many as 200 workshops. The Blacksmith Workshop Tenderini has survived over time and is today the oldest in town.

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Contarini dal Zaffo Garden in Venice

This large garden reminds us of a branch of the Contarini family, one of the oldest in Venice and the only one that had eight Doges representing the city. The garden changed multiple times over five centuries and still shows traces of its past as well as the wealth of its current plants and flowers at the same time

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