Barbara Tasca

lang-icon Anglický, Italský, Německý

phone-icon +39 3471549163

License: Venice (2007)

accompagnatore turistico, Tour manager

My Venice is a marvellous theatre in the open air!
I like writing, but above all, I enjoy using my voice in order to tell and communicate.  Theatre has always been my great passion, and I still devote myself to it, even as an amateur actress.  I feel  the same deep love for fine arts in general.  That’s the reason why I love working as a tour guide right here in Venice. Venice is actually my parents’ birth-place, and I think that the whole city of Venice, every street and every square , is a sort of stage in the open air.
My background

I graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University Ca’ Foscari in Venice (full marks: 110/110). I have always focused my attention on Foreign Languages, History, Literature and Art History. I have attended many post graduate courses and still take part in many refresher courses about  Venetian history, art and civilization.

I have been a freelance journalist since 1997, and I still continue to take part in journalism education courses.

Before becoming a professional tour guide, I worked for La Biennale di Venezia Foundation, in particular for the Department of Arts, as a collaborator and interpreter, being especially involved in looking after the relationships between La Biennale and various Italian as well as foreign museums, art galleries and collections. I have also collaborated as a translator with some companies, situated on the mainland of Venice.
My advice

I would like to show you the charm of Venice through the history of its opera houses, prosa theatres, music and literary societies, through the adventures of men and women, who made the Serenissima Republic captivating and fascinating even during its decline. I would like to show you the hidden beauties of the lagoon city, the magic of our artisans, their creativity and ability, that still make Venice so unique and authentic.  Through customized guided tours, trying to meet your specific demands, we will be discovering the city of Venice, especially some off-the-beaten track places, which are usually forgotten or neglected.

Last but not least, I love guiding children, interacting with them, motivating them and arousing their curiosities and questions, so that they can explore Venice in all its most interesting and playful characteristics.