After all, the only rule of travel is, don’t come back the way you went. Come a new way -  (Anne Carson)
Just because I am Venetian, I like the genuine aspects of the city, its art, its history, its original traditions, its slow flowing time so far away from frenzy noise of big city......
... I’ll be happy to share all that with you!
My background

I was born in Venice and I love my city, so different and unique. I studied English, Spanish and French languages and literatures in high school and I obtained Cambridge certificate of Proficiency in English in London where I lived in my gap year.

I then graduated with honors in Art History at Venice University.

Afterwards I worked for the Department for Cultural Heritage national project consisting into the general catalogue of the works of art in Venice churches.

I worked for the city Educational Services for many years, teaching Venetian art, culture and history to school students.

I became a registered guide in Venice in 2000 (after sitting for an exam organized by the Regione Veneto).
My advice

I can suggest tailor-made itineraries on foot and by boat that help the visitor understand how unique Venice is. The only city in the world to have been built on islands inside a lagoon, and indeed the only one with a two-fold transport system, i.e. on water and on land. Itineraries that highlight a rich history filled with exciting events, trade in precious goods, battles on sea and land, and meetings and exchanges. Itineraries that help you discover a cosmopolitan city, a crossroads of cultures, and the thousand artistic and architectural treasures closely connected to its centuries-old history.

I can suggest itineraries to compare yesterday’s and today’s Venice, a reflection on the sustainable use of our city. Itineraries based on history, art, society, quality craftsmanship, and good food. Depending on the season, I can recommend the most suitable itineraries for capturing the city’s spirit.