Cinzia Trevisan

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Qualifizierung: Venice (2000)

Tour manager, Travel agency manager

Tour guides are particularly important in bringing cultural heritage and diversity to life (Tourism, Culture and Sustainable Development, UNESCO)
My background

I belong to a Venetian family of documented ancient origins. After obtaining my Tourism High School diploma, I lived for two years in the United States where I collaborated with the US Department of the Interior in San Francisco, at the Golden Gate Recreation Area, for the translation into Italian of the documentation on Alcatraz Island. I then worked for a year as a cultural representative at EPCOT Center - Walt Disney World Co. in Orlando, Florida.

Once back in Venice, I graduated with honors in History at Venice University Ca’ Foscari, concentrating my studies on Venetian and Byzantine Art and History. In 2000 I became a Qualified Tourist Guide of Venice and the Venetian Villas. Over the years I dedicated myself to the promotion of initiatives aimed at the dissemination of Venetian culture, and contributed to the restauration of some Venetian works of art. I recently obtained a master's degree with honors in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities, studying in depth subjects related to the international law and the protection of cultural heritage, UNESCO and to sustainable tourism.
My advice

I’d like to take you and discover the richness of the Historical Venetian Scuole (Fraternities), the only entities survived to the downfall of the Venetian Republic, to understand their importance as well as the less explicit meanings of the impressive works of art preserved in their beautiful seats.

We may also explore hidden gardens, the quiet and less visited areas of the city, the lesser known parts of the Lagoon. We’ll pay special attention to traditions, the natural and environmental aspects, and the “Venetianness” which makes our City and its surroundings a unique place in the world.