The Best Venice Guides: a Venetian challenge!

When the BestVeniceGuides project began…

Our project began in 2015 with ten of us Venice city guides meeting at a local trattoria over a slice of pizza and a beer. Our idea was to unite all those Venice guides who shared similar values of professionalism and who sought to be great ambassadors for the history, culture and art of Venice, with an aim to promote high quality tourism, working in harmony with the city of Venice.

A new wave in our professional world of tourist guides in Venice
A new wave in our professional world of tourist guides in Venice
Is sustainable tourism feasible in Venice? We believe so!

As professional guides we could promote responsible tourism, as well as providing visitors with enhanced experiences, introducing the lesser-known aspects of Venice as well as the famous monuments, and thereby helping to relieve the pressures of mass tourism on this wonderful but fragile city. As our job takes us back in time and we live and breathe the history of Venice, it is our mission to make its extraordinary past come alive for our guests.

PromoGuide Venezia: an association of professional, certified and local tourist guides

We named our new association PromoGuide Venezia, and our team members are called BestVeniceGuides, all of whom are professional, fully authorised, local Venice guides. We now have 129 BestVeniceGuides who collectively work in some fifteen different languages.

The members of BestVeniceGuides
The members of BestVeniceGuides
We are online:

We have created the BestVeniceGuides website and a social media presence, and we are represented on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each guide has their own page on our website, with information about their background, languages, qualifications, contact details and special interests. The website also has recommended itineraries and a section which covers practical info for visitors to Venice – such as how to use the public transport systems, climate and high tide information, opening hours of shops and services.

Our blog is where BestVeniceGuides contribute articles on a wide range of topics, from the History of the Most Serene Republic, through art, theatre, rowing, the Venetian language, to anecdotes about Venice and its people.

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The brand: BestVeniceGuides

Now we invite you to share and enjoy the city at its very best with BestVeniceGuides!