details of the belltower

The quiet island of Mazzorbo in the northern lagoon of Venice

Mazzorbo is a small island, neglected by tourists, in the northern part of the Venetian lagoon. The Church of St. Catherine is the one only surviving of the 10 once existing, testimony of the rich past history of this island that was described as a major city, and nowadays has less than 300 inhabitants. A modern social housing estate and a contemporary vineyard await us in Mazzorbo.

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When in Venice, in Saint Mark’s Square, the vault of the Library collapsed – The Republic of Venice and the Renaissance architecture

Venice, Saint Mark’s Square, 1545, December 18th: it was on that night that the vault under construction for the new majestic Library collapsed. It was a blow to the architect Jacopo Sansovino and to his bold ambition to introduce in Venice the architectural magnificence of ancient Rome.

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