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‘Artegioco Venezia’: The Game of Art in Venice

Bespoke guided tours to Venice whether you are travelling with your family or a group of students, Bestveniceguides provide informative and entertaining visits to museums such as the Gallerie dell’Accademia tailored to your needs.

Detail of The Hermit Saints triptyct by Hieronymus Bosch, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice
Detail of The Hermit Saints triptyct by Hieronymus Bosch, Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice

The Time Machine

Welcome aboard the Doge’s stately boat, the Bucintoro.

Children and young people go from room to room and century to century through a succession of images which reconstruct the history of Venetian culture. 
You will learn what is distinctly Venetian in the art and in the most celebrated artists, and to recognise the symbols and attributes of Saints and other characters in the myth and allegory depicted.


Detail of the Presentation of the blessed Virgin Mary by Titian, Gallerie delll'Accademia, Venice
Detail of the Presentation of the blessed Virgin Mary by Titian, Gallerie delll’Accademia, Venice


There are a number of options you can choose from to suit the age and the level of complexity of your group:


 A prize for the most astute Young Sherlock among us.

Requiring a magnifying glass and a large dollop of imagination we go in search of details from some of the most famous and important paintings in the Gallerie.

Who Am I?

Using a game we recount the lives of saints, explaining the symbols and stories associated to each.

Playing with Saint Mark

Looking at painting from different periods which tell the life and story of the patron saint of Venice, putting these together in the correct chronological/ narrative order and explaining Saint Mark’s importance to the city.

Step into the Painting

We look at the ‘Miracle of the Relics of the Cross at Rialto Bridge’ by Vittore Carpaccio and the ‘Procession in Piazza San Marco” by Gentile Bellini which are both images particularly rich in detail to hone our observation and analytical skill to open up a vista into the many interesting cultural elements and to contrast contemporary Venice continuance and appropriation of past festivals and traditions.

A Walk with Giovanni Bellini

Kids will be guided to observe, discover real and imaginary animals, plants, flowers and to spot the use of colours and other key elements in the work of the artist.

The Portrait

Something for everyone here in our age of selfies and Instagram.

This is a guided tour which is tailored for the individual group. For young children we explain how a story is told and comment given visually through a number of paintings. For older kids and adults we view the portrait as a way to explore the magical world of the past through how the artist portrays the sitter, the clothes, symbols and the psychology of the person we are looking at through the artist’s eyes.

Women In Art

The female figure through art and the portrait of beauty, maternity, virtue, class, and the stages of life.

Detail of The Tempest by Giorgione, Gallerie delll'Accademia, Venice
Detail of The Tempest by Giorgione, Gallerie delll’Accademia, Venice

Please ask for more details for these tours specifically constructed for your visit to Venice’s renowned Accademia Gallery and many other museums in town you wish to see accompanied by a qualified guide.

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