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A special scavenger hunt in the Doge’s Palace

in action in front of the 'Bocca del leone' mouth of truth
in action in front of the ‘Bocca del leone’ mouth of truth

The Scavenger Hunt inspired by Carnival at Candlelight by Venice Kids Tours is an unusual and captivating way of discovering St. Mark’s Square and the Doge’s Palace of Venice for the whole family!

Who wouldn’t like to be Wizard Merlin’s apprentice and learn how to make magic on their own? Have you ever dreamt of time-travelling all around the world? Who could imagine a more exciting means of transport than a magic tree house?
Well, thanks to the American writer Mary Pope Osborne this is possible!

The protagonists are Annie and Jack, sister and brother, who live in Pennsylvania, and one of the their most exciting adventures takes place right in Venice, but not in the Venice of the present… Actually, they arrive in the 18th Century, right in the very middle of Carnival time, and their important mission will also take them into the mistery of the Doge’s Palace

in front of the Giants' Staircase in the courtyard of the Doge's palace
in front of the Giants’ Staircase in the courtyard of the Doge’s palace


If you have planned to come to Venice with your kids, why don’t you read together Carnival at Candlelight of The Magic Tree House Collection? Then book a tour with Rossana Colombo and Federica Fresch, our Best Venice Guides, ready and well experienced in organizing an exciting scavenger hunt inside the Palace following Annie and Jack’s adventure!

Each child is provided with a game-booklet designed by our expert guides, ilustrated with lots of original pictures, drawn by our guides themselves! Your kids will have to deal with riddles to solve, things to find and games to play making the tour a true, fantastic, engaging experience!

the amazing courtyard of the Doge's palace
the amazing courtyard of the Doge’s palace

After a soft and charming introduction in St Mark’s Square, the reading of the prologue will suddenly catapult everybody into the City golden age, when Carnival was the most incredible time you can think of, with the whole town completely immersed in a sort of magical atmosphere and every single citizen performing sort of a living play in the most beautiful theatre of the world.

discovering the Armoury of the Doge's palace
discovering the Armoury of the Doge’s palace

Though, the protagonists of the story have no time to celebrate and have fun since they must solve a serious mystery that takes them into the Doge’s Palace, nowadays a super-interesting museum displaying the history of Venice, but back then the Palace of Justice, the House of Parliament and the Doge’s House.

continuing our scavenger hunt in the 'Maggior Consiglio'
continuing our scavenger hunt in the ‘Maggior Consiglio’

Time will fly among fancy rooms, amazing paintings and dark dungeons, and by the end of the tour all of you, kids and grown-ups, will have learnt a lot about Venice, its political system, its Carnival… but be sure, with lot of fun!

crossing the famous Bridge of Sighs
crossing the famous Bridge of Sighs

Needless to say, at the end, our tireless detectives will receive a well-deserved prize as a reward for their effort…

Get ready then!

Rossana Colombo