Do you like going on a boat? Venetian families are always taking their boat to move about in the lagoon, especially in summer. Teenagers here in Venice don’t have a scooter, they have a “barchin” – literally a small boat – which they use to get around with impressive dexterity. So, if you’re up to it, we can spend a whole day out in the northern lagoon, hopping from one island to another.

We’ll visit Murano, the glass-making island, where we’ll attend a live demonstration of a master glass-blower at work making a sample glass art piece right in front of you.

Then off to Burano, walking in and out of the narrow streets, where we can admire the bright colours emanating from the house-fronts. We will of course see a lace maker at work, who will weave a unique lace-patterned piece before your eyes. Lace-making was born here in fact, and we’ll trace the story of how this craft evolved, perhaps over a yummy selection of “esse”, the island’s typical biscuits.

Last but definitely not least is Torcello, the island where Venice’s story began. We’ll backtrack the ancient traditions of this place which was the first peopled hub in the lagoon, and which today only has a handful of inhabitants. The ancient Cathedral will be central to our story, and after uncovering what lies behind a truly important date, we’ll have sit down on “Attila’s throne”. But was it actually Attila’s throne? Just one of the many mysteries on our watery trip…