A Virtual Tour in Venice: Jewish Venice, places and people

Luisella Romeo
Article by Luisella Romeo

The presence of the Jewish community is Venice has been documented since the end of the 1300s. In a city that used to draw its wealth from the presence of foreign communities, learn how Jews contributed to its growing power while segregated in the Ghetto and what happened after the gates were removed. Follow the story of Venice from a Jewish perspective while at home, learn about the places and some of the protagonists from the words and photographs by Luisella Romeo, licensed tourist guide in Venice. Small group for higher interaction!

Date: January 17th at 7PM CET Time

The duration of the whole event is around 1,5 hours total including a Q&A session

Cost per webinar is 35euro per user — you can be as many as you want in front of your computer screen
To receive all infos and to book, send an email to Luisella using the following email address: L.ROMEO@SEEVENICE.IT