A Virtual tour in Venice: the terrifying plague

Federica Gullino
Article by Federica Gullino

The bubonic plague was a devastating epidemic in Venice which was a major shipping trading port. The disease was introduced by rats on the Mercantile ships plying the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. While you sit comfortably on your sofa, sipping your coffee, you will meet online your Best Venice Guide Federica Gullino, for a private, exclusive virtual tour. You will learn about a miraculous medicine invented by Venetian pharmacists, about a special mask wear by doctors, about innovative solutions the Governors adopted. Of course, Federica will tell you how we celebrate the end of the plagues until this very day. High interaction among participants.

Date 31st May at 8 pm CET (2 pm EST)

Duration Around 1,5 hours total including a Q&A session

Cost per webinar is 35€ per user – you can be as many as you want in front of your computer screen

In order to receive all infos or changing the scheduled time and to book, please write an email to federica.gullino@gmail.com