A Virtual Tour: The Venetian Lagoon, its landscape, birds and boats

Luisella Romeo
Article by Luisella Romeo

DATE JUNE 13th at 7PM CET (Rome Time Zone)
Unlike other marshland areas along the coasts of the Mediterranean sea, the Venetian lagoon has its own uniqueness. With the help of Luisella Romeo, licensed tourist guide in Venice, during this webinar you will discover what makes this landscape so special and learn about the variety of the fauna, in particular its birds. You will see how man designed specific boats to move around the shallow water and pursue an economy based on fishing, hunting and more.

The duration of the whole event is around 1,5 hours total including a Q&A session

Cost per webinar is 35euro per user — you can be as many as you want in front of your computer screen

In order to receive all infos and to book, please write an email to Luisella using this email address: L.ROMEO@SEEVENICE.IT