Elena Cattafi

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License: Venice (2013)

When leading a tour, I take great pleasure in sharing details about the city of Venice, its history, its beauty and its uniqueness with my guests. Here, you can discover something new every day: the delicate shape of a window's arch, a coat of arms carved into timeworn walls, a blooming altana, a new path, shimmering reflections, hidden canals. I love to share these tiny "discoveries" with the travellers I meet.
My background

I moved to Venice in 2000 and fell in love with this city. After graduating from Ca' Foscari University, I received my Tour Guide License in 2013, and have been working in the Veneto Region ever since.
My advice

During my tours, I often discuss the past: by understanding the history of the places we visit, we can better enjoy them. Venice has an illustrious past, but is also a living city teeming with craftsmen, a haven of artistry. Would you like to visit the small shipyards where gondolas are built? An oar maker's workshop? An atelier where contemporary art glass is crafted using age-old techniques? Join me and discover Venice's beauty and craftsmanship, its glorious past and majestic present.