Fiorella Pagotto

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License: Venice (2013)

accompagnatore turistico, Tour manager

The light, the color, the beauty of Venice makes me feeling a deep emotion that I’d like to share with you.
I will give you another perspective of the city, its greatness, its history and its real life.
My background

Welcome on my personal page! I was born and I grew up in Venice (my family lived closed to Saint Marco square), and I took a first degree in tourism and I worked as a tour leader guiding my clients to discover the most important Italian cities. After a degree in art and architecture in the venetian university Cà Foscari, studying in particular venetian art, history I passed my examination as tourist guide of Venice.

Every day I feel enthusiastic with my job, meeting my visitors and other cultures. I am very flexible and adapt my visit to my guests’ specific interests and preferences and I am really child-friendly, in fact most of my clients are families, individuals or small groups.

I am also an art historian and I do research in the venetian archive on original documents and my studies are dedicated in particular to venetian artists and merchants of the 16th and 17th Century.

I live in Murano, the glass island, with my family. I like music, travelling, good food and pets. I have also a long experience in organizing trip to Venice, so I will be glad to give suggestions to my guests to organize better your vacation in the city!
My advice

My itineraries (from the orientation tours to the artistic-historical one), are never standard, but custom made. You will go back in the past and discover another Venice, my histories and description are often based on original documents, so you will meet ‘directly’ the protagonist of venetian history and art.