Giusy Lucchetta

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License: Venezia (2005) - Treviso (1998)

... a perpetual love affair (Henry James)

Visiting Venice is a time travel: streets and views take us back to images and colors of centuries in which merchants arrived from the Silk Road or from long journeys across the then known seas. At the same time, it is also an immersion in the present of the city with its campos, its slow pace, the market, the beauty of its gardens and its vegetable gardens, its soul always open to the world.

I obtained a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and a qualification to teach English. Becoming a Tour Guide is something I have always wanted. Living surrounded by the beauty of our artistic heritage and being able to talk about it is a great privilege. In my activity I have tried to propose itineraries not only in Venice but also in the Venetian Villas and in the province of Treviso.

The “stones of Venice” tell their story. The walks through less frequented streets and fields tell the story of the soul of the city and its inhabitants. Another interesting tour is represented by the Secret Itineraries of the Doge's Palace, the places of the bureaucratic and judicial system of the Serenissima.