This is surely the most spectacular and the most packed tour. Put some comfy shoes on ‘cause you’ll be walking around a lot. You won’t feel it though, with all fun activities you’ll be doing! We start in St. Mark’s, the political and religious centre of Venice, from there we’ll move to the Rialto before climbing up on the terrace of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, where a breathtaking view of Venice awaits us.

We’ll then zig-zag our way to the Corte del Milion, where Marco Polo lived after he returned from his spectacular journeys in the East, which also made him the most famous explorer in the world.

And finally, we’ll make our way to Campo ss. Giovanni e Paolo, with the second largest church in Venice, where an incredible number of Doges and other famous people are buried, rightfully earning the name of Pantheon of Venice.