Venetian altana, Fondamenta Rio Marin o Garzotti, Venice

Life on an altana in Venice

The lagoon city is characterised by an endless number of “altane”, a feature of Venetian buildings which is often, and unjustly, overlooked. Having an altana is great if you want to hang out the washing in the sun, enjoy the fresh air or simply marvel at one of the greatest views on earth.

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Titian’s Pesaro Madonna

Titian’s famous painting ‘Pesaro Madonna’ returned to its original location in the Frari Church after four years of absence and a conservative restoration curated by Save Venice. This special event prompts us to discuss this milestone of the history of Venetian painting: discover why this masterpiece broke with tradition and learn more about the history of the location, the genre of this painting, the donors and much more.

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