shining varnishes and luxurious interiors

‘Dressing the sea’: The tailor of nautical upholstery

It is very likely that visitors when in Venice will sooner or later enjoy a ride on a water taxi and admire from the water the city. In a second moment clients will realize the beauty of the shining varnishes and luxurious interiors of their wooden boat, the result of skilled hands of Venetian artisans such as Paolo Munari. He has dedicated his life to ‘dress the sea’ designing all sorts of nautical upholstery.

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Venetian Rowing

Why do Venetians row standing? Why don’t Venetian boats have a rudder? How can rowers propel a boat just by placing their oar on an joarlock? Marina was first faced with all these questions when years ago she started rowing and her teachers introduced her to this fascinating ancient ‘marine’ world motor boats have now cast a veil on. Learn about all different types of rowing boats, the Vogalonga ‘long row’ event that takes place in late Spring and much more!

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