Tours in Venice for the blind and visually impaired visitors: the Carnival tour

A guided tour in Venice for blind or visually impaired visitors: let’s explore the world of the 18th century in Venice, in particular through the tradition of the mask in papier-mâché and chocolate, a drink that became quite popular, albeit quite expensive, exactly in those years. We will visit a workshop where masks are made and then enjoy a chocolate tasting in an artisanal laboratory.

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gorgeous Venetian masks

In Venice with Kids: Masks, not only at Carnival

Hi kids! This is a blog post for you!
It’s Carnival time! Ok, we cannot celebrate it this year, due to the pandemic… but we can still talk and dream about it, can’t we? Read about the Venetian masks that were common in the past, not only during the Carnival. And what about the masks that we use today? Stay tuned: you will have the chance to read about them soon!

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