Dettaglio del soffitto con contrabbasso in primo piano tra tromba e liuto lungo

Pietà now as then

Pietà is a truly moving institution that has existed ever since it was first established in 1346 to help those children – initially exclusively from poor families – who were abandoned in the streets of Venice, a city that suffered from this plague like many others.
But it is also touching for its extraordinary developments, both involving or not involving music, connected to private and public generosity and, at the same time, for teaching its “daughters” a lot thanks to the work of composers and musicians such as Vivaldi who dedicated almost forty years of his life to them.

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Hidden treasures in the Frari Church: the stained-glass windows of the Corner Chapel

The Frari Church contains several masterpieces, but also amazing hidden treasures such as twelve glass panels in the Corner Chapel. The upper ones representing different saints were elaborated by an artist whose identity is still unknown; while the lower ones are a unique example of Liberty-style windows in Venice by Giovanni Beltrami.

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Titian’s Pesaro Madonna

Titian’s famous painting ‘Pesaro Madonna’ returned to its original location in the Frari Church after four years of absence and a conservative restoration curated by Save Venice. This special event prompts us to discuss this milestone of the history of Venetian painting: discover why this masterpiece broke with tradition and learn more about the history of the location, the genre of this painting, the donors and much more.

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