Palazzo Mocenigo and perfume in Venice

Palazzo Mocenigo by San Stae in Venice is a 17th century palace that offers an insight into an authentic aristocratic palace with paintings, chandeliers, baroque and rococo pieces of furniture, textiles and costumes. We can also discover there a lot about the history of perfume and the important role Venice played in this trade.

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The Mazzariol Hall: Mario Botta’s reorganization in Palazzo Querini Stampalia

The restoration and reorganization by the Swiss architect Mario Botta of a new ‘wing’ in Palazzo Querini Stampalia lasted for nearly 30 years. Botta redesigned the spaces of the homonymous Foundation that managed over the years to buy progressively several buildings on the eastern side of the Renaissance Querini Stampalia Palace.

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Ballroom of Ca‘ Rezzonico, Venice

Giovanni Vezzi: the third porcelain manufacture of Europe in Venice in the Ca’ Rezzonico Museum

The Rezzonico Museum on the Grand Canal is a former private palazzo that houses since 1935 a museum giving the idea of Venetian art and life in the 18th Century. Among frescos, portraits, chandeliers and mirrors the first and the second Piano Nobile display exquisite pieces of porcelain by Giovanni Vezzi. Admire his pieces and learn how he started the third European porcelain production in the world.

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