The Great Building (Teson Grando)

Discovering a Less Known Island of the Venetian Lagoon: Lazzaretto Nuovo

For over two years, during the pandemic, we were concerned with terms such as “isolation”, “social distance”, “quarantine”… but do you know from where all these terms, and behaviors, came from? In this post you will find out how the Venetian Republic would cope in the past with epidemics and how life was like in isolation in the Venetian Lazarets.

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facade of the Church of Saint Roch

Past and present in the cult of Saint Roch in Venice. Can Contemporary Art help us in order to be a better community?

Talking about many centuries ago and Contemporary Venice at the same time, I would like to tell you stories with an eye on European History and particularly about Saint Roch starting from his biography, as well as about how residents in Venice want to be a strong community and open their arms to the world according to the cosmopolitan way of life always characterizing this city.

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gorgeous Venetian masks

In Venice with Kids: Masks, not only at Carnival

Hi kids! This is a blog post for you!
It’s Carnival time! Ok, we cannot celebrate it this year, due to the pandemic… but we can still talk and dream about it, can’t we? Read about the Venetian masks that were common in the past, not only during the Carnival. And what about the masks that we use today? Stay tuned: you will have the chance to read about them soon!

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The Salute festivity in Venice

On 21st of November Venetians celebrate their most beloved festivity, Santa Maria della Salute. After the dramatic plague in 1630 an extraordinary church was built. Still today the whole city reverts in a very deeply felt pilgrimage to this spectacular dome, crossing the Grand Canal on a pontoon bridge to thank the Virgin Mary for having saved Venice and to pray for anyone to recover health.

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