Sotoportego de la Furatola

The Bàcari and the Taverns of Rialto

Strolling around the Rialto area, on either side of the famous bridge, you may find alleyways with odd names: Aquila Nera (Black Eagle), Leon Bianco (White Lion), Do Spade (Two Swords), Simia (Monkey), and many more. These names originate from a number of taverns and inns that don’t exist anymore.
Osterie, malvasie, bàcari: let’s discover some interesting facts about the old wine shops of Venice!

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The fish market in Venice

The Rialto fish market has almost one thousand years of history: thousands of tons of fish were and still are sold and bought here. Our journey starts however in the wholesale market – off limits to outsiders – where negotiations take place early in the morning before the fish is then transported with special boats, called ‘topi’ over to the retail market and meticulously displayed on ice.

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