Adam, Eve and Mars: the three Statues by Antonio Rizzo in the Doge’s Palace

Venice is very rich in works of art: because of the special site where it was founded, these works have to be restored and cleaned accurately, most of all if they are made of Carrara marble, the marble of the best quality, used by Michelangelo for his masterpieces. Three statues made by Antonio Rizzo, a very important artist of the Renaissance period have just been restored by VENETIAN HERITAGE and the archistar Peter Marino.

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shrine Cannaregio Venice

Votive shrines in Venice

In Venice there are countless votive shrines that embody local religious worship; they express a feeling of piety that originates in the streets and squares and then embraces the whole city. The shrines tell us stories of joy and pain, of labor and hope, and finally they tell us about the daily life of the people that preceded us on these cobblestone alleyways.

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