The “Miracle of the Slave” by Jacopo Tintoretto: an absolute Masterpiece

Tintoretto was one of the most important painters of the Venetian Renaissance. He produced lots of works of art both for churches and for Scuole Grandi (Great Schools).
At the Gallerie dell’Accademia one of his masterpieces is displayed. Originally painted for the Scuola Grande di San Marco, the ‘Miracle of the Slave’ was completed in 1548 and it was a real and complete revolution from the artistic point of view: colors, figures, diagonals and much more. Let’s discover it together reading the following post.

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facade of the Church of Saint Roch

Past and present in the cult of Saint Roch in Venice. Can Contemporary Art help us in order to be a better community?

Talking about many centuries ago and Contemporary Venice at the same time, I would like to tell you stories with an eye on European History and particularly about Saint Roch starting from his biography, as well as about how residents in Venice want to be a strong community and open their arms to the world according to the cosmopolitan way of life always characterizing this city.

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Titian’s Pesaro Madonna

Titian’s famous painting ‘Pesaro Madonna’ returned to its original location in the Frari Church after four years of absence and a conservative restoration curated by Save Venice. This special event prompts us to discuss this milestone of the history of Venetian painting: discover why this masterpiece broke with tradition and learn more about the history of the location, the genre of this painting, the donors and much more.

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The Doge of Venice Antonio Grimani in the art and history

Antonio Grimani’s career was controversial. A capable merchant, he obtained a considerable wealth to be then cast aside and be banished from Venice, to turn then powerful again and reach the highest position in political life in Venice as Doge. We can retrace his ups and downs in life in the wonderful painting by Titian and in the palace of the his famous nephew, Patriarch Giovanni Grimani, today a great State museum.

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