photo 5: detail of the studio with flower motifs and exotic animals made with a tempera patented by Mariano

Presences of Mariano Fortuny Y Madrazo in Venice or ‘le but de ma vie est l’Art’

Mariano Fortuny was a multifaceted versatile talented person and had a vast eclectic culture. He was a fashion and costume designer, an inventor, a photographer with a skilled eye and created many lamps, fabrics and garments. He spent many decades of his life in Venice, in Palazzo Pesaro degli Orfei, and purchased a former convent area with garden on the Giudecca island for his factory bringing it back to life

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Mattia Berto in the Venetian Theatre 'Teatro Goldoni'

Interview with Mattia Berto, a young multi-talented Venetian director

This interview is dedicated to those visitors curious to know all about the soul of the lagoon city and of the Venetians who still have a genuine love for it. “Theatre is life and, thanks to Mattia Berto, Venice is alive without a shadow of a doubt! And I, who have always been passionate about theatre, will have the pleasure of taking you around the city with a specially-programmed itinerary.”

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The Doge of Venice Antonio Grimani in the art and history

Antonio Grimani’s career was controversial. A capable merchant, he obtained a considerable wealth to be then cast aside and be banished from Venice, to turn then powerful again and reach the highest position in political life in Venice as Doge. We can retrace his ups and downs in life in the wonderful painting by Titian and in the palace of the his famous nephew, Patriarch Giovanni Grimani, today a great State museum.

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Ca' Centani: the puppet theatre in Casa Goldoni in Venice

Come with me to Casa Goldoni: Theatre and… many curiosities!

An unusual itinerary between theatrical literature and curious tales of Venice in the 18th Century. We visit Ca’ Centani, the Gothic palace where the great Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni grew up, in the district of San Polo. His birthplace houses now an interesting museum dedicated to Carlo Goldoni, giving an idea of life in Venice in the 18th Century with an intact puppet theatre with several puppets, pieces of furniture, clothing and masks.

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The fish market in Venice

The Rialto fish market has almost one thousand years of history: thousands of tons of fish were and still are sold and bought here. Our journey starts however in the wholesale market – off limits to outsiders – where negotiations take place early in the morning before the fish is then transported with special boats, called ‘topi’ over to the retail market and meticulously displayed on ice.

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The gardens of Venice

A very interesting way to discover our Venetian beauty is a visit to the secret gardens of Venice. Orchards and gardens of monasteries and convents were for centuries connected to health and its treatment. The most curious visitors loving nature will find an unusual itinerary off the beaten track.

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