The Great Building (Teson Grando)

Discovering a Less Known Island of the Venetian Lagoon: Lazzaretto Nuovo

For over two years, during the pandemic, we were concerned with terms such as “isolation”, “social distance”, “quarantine”… but do you know from where all these terms, and behaviors, came from? In this post you will find out how the Venetian Republic would cope in the past with epidemics and how life was like in isolation in the Venetian Lazarets.

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Campo San Polo in the Map by Jacopo de Barbari - 1500

Campo San Polo in Venice

The urban structure of Venice can be disorientating as it is similar to a true maze of narrow alleys, canals and bridges. However, every street will eventually lead to a wide open space: the campo, the focal point of Venetian communal life. Let us learn more about the history and the functioning of the largest campo in Venice, Campo San Polo

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