BestVeniceGuides is an idea of PromoGuide Venezia, a non-profit association that was founded in 2015 by certified licensed tourist guides of the City of Venice aiming at representing a quality and excellence brand of local tourist guides and promoting the profession of tourist guides as linked to a specific territory in a sustainable way. 

Local Experts

As locals, we live and breathe the city every day; we understand its routines and rhythms. With BestVeniceGuides, you will engage with a local expert, who can give you a more genuine picture of what Venice is really like today, who will share with you its secrets and customs, and who can give you the very best advice on how to make the most of your stay here.


But we offer you more than our local knowledge and experience. Thanks to our deep, specialist education and continuous training, Best Venice Guides are the best professional guides in the business, fully qualified to reveal to you the art, history, traditions and culture of Venice, a story which spans over a thousand years.

Qualified and Accredited for the City of Venice

In Italy it is a legal requirement that city guides be authorized by the relevant tourism authorities. With BestVeniceGuides you can be sure that you are in safe and professional hands. Unlike many operators, we all hold the professional tour guide qualification for the city of Venice and the local area, having passed the highly selective official accreditation exams covering Venice’s history, art, architecture, geography, culinary traditions and so forth. You can also have peace of mind knowing that, not only are BestVeniceGuides officially accredited for Venice, we have all passed the official security checks.

Passionate about Venice

Guiding isn’t just our job. We are professionals whose knowledge of Venice is supported by our passion and deep love for this magnificently beautiful, yet fragile, city and we are proud to have been chosen as its ambassadors.