Art, Architecture and Music in Venice’s Historic Orphanages

Art, Architecture and Music in Venice’s Historic Orphanages

Over the course of the sixteenth century, Venice revolutionized welfare assistance for the most vulnerable and needy members of society. The city’s various welfare institutions, called ospedali, specialized in caring for those with specific health or social needs, from orphaned infants to homeless and impoverished adults, and were supported by people from all levels of society.  Innovative fund-raising initiatives included concerts laid on by the female choirs and orchestras of the ospedali, which attracted visitors from near and far. Thanks to generous support, the ospedali acquired impressive building complexes designed by leading architects and richly embellished with fine art.

This exceptional itinerary uncovers three of Venice’s ospedali: the Pietà, famously associated with Antonio Vivaldi, the Derelitti, and the Mendicanti.


We will visit the Church of Pietà and the Vivaldi museum, the Derelitti, also called “Ospedaletto” and the church of Mendicanti

Duration of the tour:

at least 3 hours

Cost of tour: 

starting from 75 euro per hour up to 8 participants (+ entrance fees)

The Ospedaletto and its music room

The Pietà: the church and the Antonio Vivaldi Museum

The Mendicanti Church