glass bead stringers

oars and oarlocks for Venetian row-boats

puzzle panels and puzzle models in wood

book bindery in paper or leather

Arts and Crafts of Excellence in the Venetian district of Dorsoduro.

From the craftsmanship of wood for the creation of artistic reproductions, objects and magnets to that for the construction of rowlocks and oars for gondolas passing through the fascinating world of glass, enclosed in a precious Venetian bead, or that of the masks that characterize so much the famous Venetian Carnival and still the traditional processing of paper or leather to create precious books, photo albums and much more, all this you can discover while walking in the beautiful district of Dorsoduro.

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Duration of the tour: 3 hours

Cost of the tour: 240 euro

Max 6 people

Please note the rate does not include the fee to pay to visit the artisans’ workshops and is subject to changes; before confirming your guided tour, you will be given an exact cost in details.

Translations: English Italiano