Innovation and tradition: the artisans in Cannaregio and Castello

Innovation and tradition: the artisans in Cannaregio and Castello.

Ancient crafts like as the mosaicist or the remer (producer of oars); handwork such as tailoring and gold beating; artistic productions such as masks and screen printing: these are some of the Venetian artisan productions that we will discover in this itinerary that winds through the streets of Cannaregio and Castello. We will see how ancient knowledge and modern techniques come together to create unique objects and daily renew the history of Venice.

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Duration of the tour:

3 hours

Cost of the tour:

240 euro

Max 6 people

Please note the rate does not include the fee to pay to visit the artisans’ workshops and is subject to changes; before confirming your guided tour, you will be given an exact cost in details.

hand-made costumes

high-quality screen printing

mosaics in glass and stones

goldleaf: beating and cutting gold leaf