St. Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica

St. Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica

Visit St. Mark’s Square to admire Venice’s most famous and impressive monuments. For centuries, the Doge’s Palace was the seat of the Venetian government and the official residence of the reigning Doge, and it is a must for first-timers in Venice and those who wish to rediscover the grandeur and opulence of Venice’s past. Your guided tour will take you through state rooms elaborately decorated with paintings by famous Venetian artists, like Titian, Veronese and Tintoretto. You will cross the Bridge of Sighs to explore the historic Venetian prisons and hear the thrilling story of Giacomo Casanova.

St. Mark’s Basilica was built as a mausoleum for the relics of St. Mark the Evangelist, and was embellished over the centuries with fine marbles and golden mosaics. Your guide will explain how Venice’s politics, history, religious faith, as well as its artists, conspired to bring about this truly magnificent monument.


The tour includes the Doge’s Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, the New Prisons, St. Mark’s Basilica

Duration of the tour: 

2 hours

Cost of tour:

starting from 75 euro per hour up to 8 participants (+ entrance fees)

St. Mark's square

The Doge's Palace in Venice

The Bridge of Sighs

St. Mark's Basilica