The Accademia Gallery: Light and colour in Venetian Painting

The Accademia Gallery: Light and colour in Venetian Painting

This superlative collection of Venetian paintings is housed in the historic monastic complex of Santa Maria della Carità, which has recently benefitted from a major expansion and refurbishment.

Through examining the artworks with your private guide, you will trace the gradual shifts and developments in Venetian painting over the course of the centuries, from 1300 to about 1800. You may compare, for instance, Paolo Veneziano’s Byzantine-style images of the Virgin Mary set against gold backgrounds, with the softer and more naturalistic depiction of Mary in paintings by Giovanni Bellini and other early Renaissance artists.

Other highlights of the galleries include Carpaccio’s St Ursula cycle, Giorgione’s famous and enigmatic Tempest, Veronese’s extravagant Feast in the House of Levi, and Titian’s Pietà to name just a few. Thanks to your guided tour of the Accademia, you will see Venice and its art in a completely new light.


The tour includes a visit of the permanent collection of the Accademia Gallery.

Duration of the tour: 

2 hours

Cost of tour:

starting from 75 euro per hour up to 8 participants (+ entrance fees)

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