The Grand Canal

The Grand Canal

As Venice was built on water, so the city is best appreciated from the water. When you come to Venice, take the opportunity to experience a private boat trip along the Grand Canal with your local guide, to admire the spectacular facades of the Venetian Palaces, pass beneath the famous Rialto Bridge, and navigate the maze of narrow side-canals.

Travelling by boat through the canals, the city’s watery streets, will give you the opportunity to witness a truly authentic aspect of Venetian life: you will see transport boats laden with merchandise, refuse boats, water-borne ambulances and fire-engines – here in Venice everything and everyone moves by water.


Enjoy a boat ride along the most prestigious street in Venice, the Grand Canal

Duration of the tour:

one hour, with private transportation

Cost of the tour:

starting from 75 euro per hour up to 8 participants (plus transportation costs)

The view of the Grand Canal from the Accademia bridge

Ca' Dario and more palaces on water

The Custom's House at the beginning of the Grand Canal

Sculptures and Frescoes on the Grand Canal