The church of San Francesco della Vigna

The Grimani Palace and its archeological collection

Between justice and heresy: Giovanni Grimani



The Grimani family: Heresy and Order in Renaissance Venice

During this tour we will explore the history of Giovanni Grimani and his family in the Counter Reformation period. Patriarch of Aquileia Giovanni Grimani was not only a leading churchman, but also an erudite collector of art and antiquities.

Our first stop will be the Church of San Francesco della Vigna, where the family chapel was located and where Giovanni chose to be buried, and where he commissioned Andrea Palladio to redesign the church façade.

We will then continue to the Grimani Palace near Campo Santa Maria Formosa. The Renaissance architecture, colourful frescoes, elegant stuccowork, classical bas-reliefs and gilding, as well as a room dedicated to his grandfather, Doge Antonio Grimani, will tell us about Giovanni’s taste and his controversial relationship with the powerful Roman Catholic Curia.






The tour includes a visit to the Church of San Francesco della Vigna, a walking tour in Castello and the Grimani palace near the campo Santa Maria Formosa.


Duration of the tour: 2-3 hours


Cost of tour: starting from 75 euro per hour up to 8 participants (+ entrance fees)


Translations: English Français Deutsch Italiano Русский Español