The Islands of the Venetian Lagoon

The Islands of the Venetian Lagoon

Enjoy the natural surroundings of the Venetian lagoon on a relaxing boat trip to the picturesque islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.

On Murano you can watch master craftsmen create original works of art in glass, following techniques and trade secrets which have been handed down through the centuries.

Navigating on through the salt marshes you will reach Burano, a fishing village with brightly coloured cottages, and home of exquisite hand-made lace. Here you can sample the local fish risotto and traditional buranei biscuits.

Just five minutes further on by boat lies the island of Torcello. Now a quiet backwater, Torcello was once a thriving lagoon settlement and here you will rediscover the very origins of Venetian civilization. Inside the ancient church of Santa Maria Assunta, glittering medieval mosaics evoke the richness and importance of Torcello’s history


A visit to the best-known islands of the Northern Venetian lagoon, Murano, Burano and Torcello

Duration of the tour:

at least 4 hours, depending on the means of transportation

Cost of the tour:

75 euro per hour up to 8 participants

The Venetian Lagoon, a unique environment

Torcello and the origins of Venice

Marshy land, fishermen's islands, convents and monasteries

Burano's colours