Federica Penso

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Licencia: Venice (2003)

Tour manager

Put me on your bucket list. Get me as your Tour Guide! It will be unforgettable!
I am working as a professional local guide transforming my job into a "mission" toentartain my guests and help them feel at home, as real Venetians. Who better than an insider can  do it?
My background

I was born, raised  and I still live in Venice with my family.
I am 100% part of the endangered species.
I graduated at Ca' Foscari Venice University, Bachelor Degree of Japanese Language and Culture.
Since 1997 I have been living for a long time in Japan and United States to improve the language and 1999 I got anAssociate Degree in Travel and Tourism at University of California San Diego.
Since I am an immensely self-motivated  woman with a lovable, outgoing and friendly personality and since I have astrong understanding and willingness to learn about history and  culture, in 2003 I have decided  to become aprofessional Tour Guide.
Since 2006 I have also been working as a personal shopper.
My main hobbies are reading, swimming, beading and cooking.

My advice

If, for few hours or a day, you want to experience Venice as a venetian, come with me and use all your senses:

SEE VENICE : I will guide your eyes through charming spots that have bewitched countless visitors andtravellers and have inspired painters, artists and directors.
SMELL VENICE : I will excite your nose with ancient but still actual fragances.
TASTE VENICE : I will tickle your palate with the extraordinary taste of the traditional cousine.
TOUCH VENICE : I will guide your hands to feel the creations of the best craftsmen, masters and glass-blowers.
HEAR VENICE : I will teach  your ears to become familiar to our dialect, to the silence of hidden squares orthe swash of waves on a gondola ride.