Federica Gullino

Federica Gullino

Language: Inglese, Portoghese, Portuguese, Spagnolo, Włoski

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Uprawnienie: Venice (2009)

You haven’t seen anything yet; this is just the beginning!

Venezia is a unique city in the whole world. I was born in Venice and grew up here. Come to know Venice with me, I will show you the city with my eyes and my love for it.

My background

Graduated in International and Diplomatic Sciences, a branch of Political Sciences, in 2005 at Gorizia University (Italy), later I decided to follow my real passion for history getting a PhD in European Modern History at “La Sapienza”, University of Rome (Italy), in 2008. My Phd thesis became a book: “Quando la maestra insegnava “T” come Trst” (only Italian version), published by Franco Angeli (2011). For the European Academy of Friuli Venezia Giulia, I presented it at Gorizia as part of the conference “North Adriatic Sea, the entrance to Europe” (Alto Adriatico, porta d’Europa). In 2008, I earned the Tour Leader license and started to work in Venice in the field of incoming cruises.

Also in 2008, through 2011, I collaborated with the Education Department of the Municipality of Venice for the project named “Educational Itineraries” (“Itinerari educativi”). I personally created some artistic and historical itineraries about Venice, that I taught to high school students throughout the Province of Venice. In 2009, I received my license for Tour Guide in Venice, passing the examination for English and Spanish, later even for Portuguese.

My advice

Do you want to see Venice in a fun, unique, customized way? For inquiring minds, I have created special itineraries about Venice, divided in two parts: introductory presentation and practical tour.

First, we do a short interactive presentation based on power point slides, available on my IPad, a screen, or on your computer.

The second part is walking tours to experience what we learned before. This includes not only museum entrances, but also visits to artisan workshops, sensational food tastings and unusual walking tours.

What itineraries are available? A lot! I have classic itineraries: “Venice: the origin and the grandeur of the Republic” or “Venice and its government”; then some unexpected ones like “Venice and the plague” or “The travel of Marco Polo: reality or fiction?” just to list the most popular tours.

Alternatively, I have itineraries focused on children’s interests such as “The Carnival of Venice” or tours only for adults like “The unforgettable legend of Giacomo Casanova” and “The courtesans of Venice.”

Or I can customize an itinerary to your interests. Each itinerary covers 4-6 hours, includes lunch time and, because Venice has so much to offer, the walking tours always include a few extras.

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