Find a sense of place.

I design and conduct customized guided tours of Venice, the islands of the Venice lagoon and the Venetian villas. I like to show my guests the unconventional, the site-specific, the still unspoilt, and all those mostly overlooked, yet fundamental details that are crucial to get the whole picture of a place. I love to bring to life stories and people, and show their past (and present) connections with places, buildings, churches, artworks. I strive to provide a sense of place and help my guests find a sense of belonging in what they see and experience. I have developed an interactive, cross-generational narration to entertain visitors of all ages, as well as a child-oriented register to please the young and the very young, and thus awake passion and interest for our heritage and convey the importance of its safeguarding.

My background

A guide since 1998, with a degree in Foreign Languages, Art, Art History and Civilization, and a second level degree in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities. Topic of my dissertation: Religious Spaces and Tourist Spaces. Chorus: A Model of Conciliation (2013). Since then I have been researching on the best practices for the safekeeping, safeguarding and enhancement of historic churches at risk under the supervision of the Laboratory of Management of Arts and Culture (M.A.C.Lab) at the University Ca' Foscari in Venice.

I am a member of the international, lay, not-for-profit international organization Future for Religious Heritage, whose main concern is the future of 'redundant' religious heritage, and I belong to the cultural association Venezia Arte, Cultura & Turismo, which supports sustainable tourism, and organizes cultural programmes and events in order to favour the enhancement of the Venice heritage.

I worked as a consultant and local expert for National Geographic Television, ZDF, RAI, RTI-Mediaset, and BBC, for the making of documentaries on the history, the heritage and the environmental issues of Venice and its Lagoon.
My advice

Come and see Venice with the spirit of a temporary resident and get overwhelmed by its intoxicating beauty. Let yourself go and get lost in its maze of 'calli' and canals. Then let a professional guide rescue you and show you around in the most perfect way.