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Uprawnienie: Venice (2005)

My job is a creative work, it’s the result of readings, lessons, teachers, travels that are now part of my life. And I go through it with joy, every single time.
Anyone who comes to Venice and visit this city in my company should keep a bit of my beloved city in his/her heart forever.
My background

Degree: Literature and Foreign Languages (Venice – Ca’ Foscari University)
Classical music – Piano and History of music at Gioachino Rossini Academy of Music (Italy - Pesaro)
Contributor of articles about art, books and classical music to a national newspaper (Il Gazzettino di Venezia)
English language teaching (secondary school and adults)
My advice

The best gift we can receive from life is we can really appreciate what we have.

And it’s just when you are on holidays you can profit by the situation. Holiday. Vacation. Words have a meaning, words have an origin. Holy day meant “Feast for a Saint”, when people didn’t  go working in order to honour the saint and sanctify that special day. Vacation, from the Latin words vacantia, vacare, to be empty, free. A time for resting, a pleasant vacuum, full of freedom. Freedom from work, from everyday commitments, time to fill with whatever you like best and that makes you feel happy. And a holiday in Venice, well, it’s a mine experiences, actually.

Here there are a few suggestions for you just in case fate or your will would lead you to Venice. First of all, comfortable shoes. Actually, this city can be discovered mainly on foot, by going through its complicated net of calli (alleys), by walking carefully up and down the hundreds bridges that are concatenated on the canals. If you want to admire the city from a different point of view, from the lagoon water, you can opt for a gondola, a vaporetto (a city waterbus) or a watertaxi (“lento”, “andante”, “allegro con brio”).

Another suggestion: clear your mind and sharpen your senses. Free from stereotypes. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time in this mythical place, unique in the world, suspended between earth and sea, or if you‘ve already been here in the past: there is always something new to be discovered.

Don’t run, take your time and stop for a while; let all your senses be operative and expand your consciousness: so you’ll really feel Venice! Touch it, smell it, listen to its innumerable voices, watch it and… taste it (after all, you’ re in Italy and it’s universally recognized that in this country food is a real experience!). But, in order not to get lost among this incessant bombardment of sensory incitements, you need a guide. A real guide, a LOCAL GUIDE. A guide who can take you across the labyrinth of past history and present everyday life with a light touch but with knowledge as well, a guide who will stay by you discretely but promptly, at the same time. A traveling companion who will give you advice, a connoisseur of the city, who will be able to do the honors and welcome you with kindness.

Now I greet hello by saying “CIAO”  and see you soon!

By the way, please, be indulgent  and don’ t put the blame on your guide if during your holidays the weather won’ t be so great: we are doing everything possible, we’re trying to do the impossible, for the miracles we are working!