Corine Govi

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License: Venice (2000)

accompagnatore turistico, Tour manager

“Man is what he does!“ (André Malraux, La Condition humaine)

“Time in Venice finally gives value to everything” (Fruttero e Lucentini, L’amante senza fissa dimora)
What are the Barbacani? How did Venice interpret the creative vitality of the Renaissance? Why are there winged lions flying around St. Mark's Square? All questions to which I like answering clearly and with a bit of humor during my tours and cultural strolls among the countless treasures of Venice. I offer quality, customized tours, accessible to everybody and yet tailored to the individual tastes of I have gathered thirty years of city secrets and I intend to gradually reveal them all, even to those of you who are on tight schedules.
My background

I have always been an aesthete: I love beautiful things and beautiful people. How couldn’t I love Venice? Always motivated and passionate, I keep studying, understanding and discovering the secrets of this amazing city, revealed only to those who deserve them. I do my job to the best of my abilities and have a fulfilling personal life.

Due to my willingness to learn new things, I have completed several photography courses and I have become a sommelier. I love ballet and contemporary dance, skiing, jogging and Pilates. Some of my favorite hobbies include cinema, theater, reading, philosophy and dinners with friends.

With great satisfaction, I became an official guide of Venice in 2000. I was born in Provence and I have always loved art, foreign languages and travelling. Initially I became a Guide lecturer in France but Venice decided otherwise and requested my presence, resulting in a true love affair between Venice and myself and, of course, my Venetian husband.

I have worked for years with the Venice Film Festival, the Opera House La Fenice the University Ca’ Foscari, the economic newspaper Le Point, travel guides such as Lonely Planet and Rick Steves and cultural shows on France 2. Years of preparation, historical research and annual knowledge updates have made me what I am today:  a giver of informative and knowledgeable tours. I like to make history come alive!
My advice

Besides the Must See Monuments, here are two itineraries that I personally like to share with my visitors:


A few steps away from St Mark’s Square lies a secret and intimate itinerary of Venice past and Venice present; history, architecture and tantalizing anecdotes of a libertine eighteenth century neighborhood which is nowadays chic, quiet and yet still beautifully authentic.


San Michele Island is the fascinating cemetery of Venice built according to the Napoleonic Will in 1807. San Giorgio Maggiore has been home to a peaceful Benedictine Monastery since the 9th Century with its splendid classic church and cloister restructured by Palladio in the 16th Century and, moreover, the view from the Campanile is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding views in Venice. Before the end of the tour, from the unknown island La Giudecca, you will be able to view a spectacular stretch of the Venetian Lagoon, which includes a visit to Palladio’s masterpiece The Redeemer Church, built to commemorate the plague in 1576.