Elisabetta Ferrari

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License: Venice (2009)

accompagnatore turistico, Tour manager

Be curious, discover Venice!!!
The guest has to be happy and satisfied with his tour, doesn’t matter if it was a ghost tour, or historical, or musical, or gastronomical, or traditional: did you enjoy, did you “deliver the WOW” ????? great! that’s my GOAL.

I gave you the keys to enter my City, it’s up to you now to use them.
My background

Born and grew up in Venice, from a Venetian family (well, one of my grandmothers was from Bologna, but she teached me how to do the “Bolognese sauce”, “lasagne” and “tortellini”: not bad, right?…..), I still live close to Rialto bridge with my own  family. I have a positive attitude towards life, I practice sports, I love company, but I also need silence. Singing is also great pleasure for me: I started during high school and I still perform (time permitting) in “Ensembles” of 8/16 people, and big choirs of 150!!!! (music has a very old tradition in Venice).

4 brothers and 1 sister; that’s the family I’m coming from, which means “stay together respecting each other”. Yes, “respect” is a value and “differences” is a richness: that’s what I teached to my children as well.

I’m very lucky, my city is really wonderful: I love Venice and this enthusiasm, passion comes out during all my tours (these are keywords I read in the feedbacks sent by the guests I had the chance to tour in Venice).

I did all my studies in Venice, and I graduated at the University Ca’ Foscari in Foreign Languages (English, French and German) and history of art, with a very successful discussion about  “the semiotics of the SURPRISE” in a novel by a French writer of the 1800.

During the University I did my first experiences in the Tourism: hostess for congresses and incentives, Meet and greet at the airport, check in at the cruise terminal, then I obtained the License for “Accompagnatore Turistico” (kind of Tour Director) and after graduation I successfully passed the exams to become a  LICENSED  and QUALIFIED TOURIST GUIDE in Venice (we have to be  graduated at the University  before doing these exams, in Italy).

Since 1986 I’m Senior manager of my company V.T.A. Venice Tourist Assistance, which provides hostesses and stewards for assistances in Venice and at the Cruise Terminal.
My advice

Thinking about that we are all different, and that we have different interests , every tour will  to be thought for your needs!!!

But try not to be to schematic: Venice is an irrational city. And please: KEEP YOUR RIGHT by walking (that’s Italy…..!!!!!) Be ready to change your plans:  “high tide” , too many people, too hot, too far away…..make your DETOUR, you will see something that will SURPRISE you!

Of course San Marco and Rialto have to be seen: but, how to leave Venice without looking for the green marmor carpet, covering the steps of the high altar of the Church of G*******, with the Martyrdom of the poor S Lorenzo by T*****, lightlying your eyes! Or without walking towards “calle Racchetta” where people were playing tennis in the ancient time , continuing direction “do mori” area, old business center of a community of merchants who graved on the façade of their palace a C***** (certainly not a local animal) , passing by the house of the of the T******, sun of a dyer; and what about missing the “cicchetti” in our “bacari”, a taste of our streetfood!!!!or better a coffee in one of the old “torrefazioni” in Strada Nova!!!

But perhaps you would better prefer to stop by “Lollo” and discover all the secrets on how to build a Gondola; or make your mask; or know everything about spices and perfumes (a lot of fun in Venice at that time, and parties, and casinos,; but no showers…..!!!!!!).

Send me your “curioSEEties” and I’ll get the best tour for you!