Massimo Tessari

lang-icon Inglese, Italiană, Portoghese, Portuguese, Tedesco

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License: Venice (2009)

accompagnatore turistico, Tour manager

Discover Venice and you will find a new “love” in yourself.
Because in March an ancient wind blows that smells of jasmine and I think...
I think of such a free town built on top of the sea, floating on thousands and thousands of wooden beams, resilient and always in motion, soft yet strong; an awesome feat of engineering that resists the wear of time.
Because of the water that surrounds and invades when winter is upon us, swirling underfoot... because of the view that summons up ships that long ago departed for the East, returning laden with precious goods and wondrous tales.
Because the temperament of the seafarer still remains in the people of Venice, guarded yet curious, welcoming and saying goodbye to all with equal measure...
Because Venice is the water itself, with its tides of six and six hours...
Because Venice is slow, alone, a fragment of the East and the ancient world...
My background

I am Massimo Tessari and I was born in Gorizia on October 18, 1961. I moved to Venice in 1983 to study languages and literature at the Ca' Foscari Venice University. I graduated in 1989 in German, but I am also fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

I have extensive experience in the hotel industry, having worked as a concierge in luxury hotels for many years. My love for Venetian Art and History made me decide to become a licensed tour guide in 2009.

I am married and have one daughter.