Rossana Colombo

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License: Venice (2007)

accompagnatore turistico, direttore tecnico agenzia di viaggi, Tour manager, Travel agency manager

“Beauty will save the world” (Dostoevskij)
If I say that Venice is unique in the world, I wouldn’t sound very original, although it truly is! Deeply!. And I feel privileged to have the chance of being constantly plunged into beauty while working. As a tour guide, I do not like to show off what I know: it is more like meeting friends and rediscovering my own city each time, through their eyes and their questions. I never forget that my guests are on vacation: culture and history cannot be separated from leisure and I can’t really give the best of me without having fun too!
As a mother of two twin kids, I also really like working with families with children. Therefore, I sometimes enrich my guided tour with a simple scavenger hunt, as believe that children can feel engaged in art and history when their curiosity is stimulated through play.
My background

In short, I would say the Technical Institute of Tourism was a truly fitting choice for me. As a matter of fact, my educational path was pretty straight and coherent and above all dictated by my own interests: well, my aspiration to become a travel agent clashed with the great development of the internet in the tourist industry.
With a Diploma in my hands, I quickly found a nice job in the prestigious Orient-Express Company, but I also decided to follow my two great passions, foreign languages (namely French and English) and art history. In order to afford the tuition at the Ca' Foscari University in Venice, I did a little bit of everything: I worked in the beautiful Hotel Sofitel as Guest Relation Manager, plus in several travel agencies and I even capitalized the amount of dance-school years to get the certification of “fitness instructor” to teach aerobics and funky dance! After I left Flaubert and Baudelaire behind, I went back to where I felt I belonged: tourism. I managed to get the license of Tour Assistant and finally passed the exam to become Official Tourist Guide of the city of Venice, fulfilling my real lifelong dream!
My advice

If you come to Venice for the first time, you can only start from its heart: the magnificent St. Mark's Square, with the Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. However, I suggest trying different and less obvious points of view:

not only the classical and impressive institutional rooms of the Doge’s Palace, but also its secret itinerary behind the scenes of politics and the dark prisons; not only the main nave of St Mark’s Basilica, but also the loggia with the legendary horses and the choir behind the Evangelist’s tomb to admire the gleaming golden altar piece.

And then, Venice is a small walkable city, but it’s so full of beautiful things that you could literally sink into embarrassment: with a private guide, it is certainly much simpler, all you have to do is say what your needs and interests  are in order to get a tailor-made tour. Do you love movies? You may discover Venice through the camera’s eyes that shot memorable moments in this city. Are you interested in paintings? Why not start by visiting the Academia with classical paintings and then proceeding with modern and contemporary art at the Guggenheim Collection? Do you prefer architecture? Let’s follow Palladio’s footsteps! Or, let’s retrace the architectural history from the beginning to the present day. Are you fascinated by the evocative atmosphere in churches? There are dozens of them and in all styles! Do you want to take advantage of the lack of cars and walk in the open air? You can choose among tens of different itineraries in the six districts of Venice. Are you coming with your children? Let’s organize a treasure hunt with quizzes and riddles in order to engage them in art and history and keep them busy!