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License: Venice (2000)

“I walk by four times a day; yet every time it is for me always the ‘alleyway’ of marvels” (Diego Valeri, Fantasie Veneziane)
I love tours with families with children as these have an instinctive logic, natural curiosity and a very good memory ! I always claim they are the best clients, as they pay attention to details too and remember every word of information.

Every tour is different (for me as for clients). Every day I try to explain over 1000 years of glorious history, using different view points; also visually each square depending on the direction one approaches it from offers a different angle of vision. Venice can always be rediscovered. Venice evokes wonderous feelings. Venice is like the ‘alleyway’ of marvels.
My background

I feel I am very lucky: I was born and bred in Venice and I still live in Venice.

After having attended the high school for tourism Andrea Gritti (obtaining a final vote of 60/60) I studied at the University Ca’ Foscari, where I graduated cum laude in foreign languages and literature (German and English). I also took exams in Venetian history in the department of history in the faculty of literature as the past civilisation of Venice fascinated me from the start.

I passed the exam to become a guide soon after in 2000, and I discovered I really loved my job from the very beginning and I still do so enjoy it.

I like travelling, practising sport, discovering the history behind antique objects and I am fond of flowers and gardens.
My advice

I suggest first of all a boat tour that allows an alternative and unforgettable view of Venice seen from the water. Venice should be admired nowadays from the water as she was in the past. No one can escape the ‘poetic’ charm of the Most Serene Republic when the sunrays in the canals reflect on the brick facades of the palaces the cheerful dance of shadows!

I suggest to families with children also the secret itinerary of the doge’s palace, an amazing tour down narrow passageways in evocative surroundings like the ‘well’- and ‘lead’ prisons behind the noble rooms of the ancient seat of the government or a visit to one of many ateliers of Venetian artisans (like mask-, marionette- and row lock makers), maybe with a quick stop for an ice-cream.

In the last few years i have discovered and follow with enthusiasm a not very known aspect of Venice, the green areas and the private gardens. Flowers and plants require also a profound knowledge and accurate expertise and unveil fascinating stories and anecdotes.