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License: Venice (2000)

Travel is an educating and fun experience, an investment in yourself : an expert guide should always be aware of that.
Visitors hire a guide for different reasons: they might want to maxime their stay or they may be revisiting a place and add a more in-depth experience of it. This is an important investment especially when visiting a place rich in historical and cultural significance such as Venice is: a good, sensitive and educated guide can and should make a big difference and give you a fun and enlightening experience no guidebooks could ever offer.
My background

I’m a native Venetian, born and raised in Venice.  After graduating in Modern Languages I worked as a teacher and a translator for a while. In 2000 I passed the exam to qualify as a Local Venice Tourist Guide and this has been my full time occupation ever since.
My advice

Your expectations are of prime importance to me. Do a little research, decide what your priorities might be and share them with me, so that I can prepare a tentative plan to suit your requirements. If you have never been to Venice before, your starting point should be St. Mark’s Basilca and the Ducal Palace located in St. Mark’s Square. This will provide you with a footing, a basis to appreciate and understand this incredible and unique city. After that you need to explore and enjoy more of the city. Venice is a great walking place rich in history and art. Narrow backstreets and alleys leading to charming corners you’d hardly find on your own…little churches, great museums, curious anecdotes and interesting aspects of everyday life…all of that can be combined in a 2 or 3 hour tour to complete your experience of this elusive city.