Venice is a labyrinth of human stories waiting to be told with passion.
There’s no cultural heritage without human heritage: this is what I will try my best to highlight when together we will explore Venice. The people, their choices, the historical context, all that creates what we call a city, the crossroads among art, architecture, history and its lagoon. Not to mention politics and economics. But without forgetting pleasure, flavors, entertainment… and irony. And last but not least: we will design the tour together, according to your interests, pace and expectations!
My background

My family has been Venetian for several generations and although I love history and art, I chose to study foreign languages and literatures at college, the University of Venice at Ca’ Foscari, where I graduated in North American literature. Later, thanks to a scholarship from the University of California at Berkeley and thanks to a travel grant by Fulbright, I continued my studies for one more year in the USA. I collaborated at a project on knowledge based intelligent databases dealing with multimedia publishing in Germany at Darmstadt at the GMD IPSI Institute. Still in the multimedia area, I happened to work for Marsilio Publishing House in Venice for years working on a project financed by the European community that put me in contact with some of the most important Venetian institutions, such as the Marciana National Library, the State Archive and the Querini Stampalia Foundation. Again, a project aiming at the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage with the aid of advanced technology. This was before I became a registered tourist guide in Venice in the year 1999, a job I love and I will keep on doing as long as I love it! I adore travelling, I enjoy getting to know people that come from different countries, I love photography, reading and of course studying.
My advice

Walking tours through the different “sestieri” of Venice will allow you to see Venice with different eyes. If you have been to Venice already, but also if you are visiting for the first time, then don’t miss this experience that can make you feel you have caught the essence and uniqueness of Venice. Also, if you are visiting during the week, we can unveil together the incredible heritage and high quality of the current craftmanship in Venice. The slow pace, the attention towards the detail, its human flavour. And let’s not forget Venice was a city of cities: from the Greek to the Jewish community, the history of this multiethnic city needs to be enhanced, especially considering Venetians considered themselves at the start as refugees, too! Eventually, it’s really a special pleasure to discover the great jewels of the Renaissance art or the palaces of the 18th century with their frescoed shimmering ballrooms or hidden gardens, where it happens to be the only visitors in front of amazing beauty, unknown to most.