Giorgia Conselvan

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Licenca: Padua (2004) - Vicenza (2008) - Venice (2009)

Tour manager, Turisticki pratioc

‘Festina lente’, translated into English ‘hurry up slowly’.
I want you to fully realize why Venice is Venice, how the lagoon shaped it and defined its morphology, art, institutions and soul.
My background

Degree in Art History (Conservation of Cultural Heritage) at the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice; internship at the Department of Graphic Arts of the Louvre Museum in Paris; diploma in foreign languages (French, English and Russian). I started working in tourism in 2001 and have lived for study and work in 10 different countries including Europe, America and Africa.
My advice

Venice is a vibrant mosaic of colors that you can compose and decompose over again. Regardless of itinerary, I invite you to see it with the eyes of an impressionist painter: it will appear each time in a different way, with always new reflections, lights and shades. By day, night, sun, rain, fog, snow, low and high tide, ‘acqua alta’… Venice is never the same. Venice is as beautiful as Venice.